The band saw the light in Paris in September '99. It wasn't a group of old friends just forming a band for a laugh. A common passion for punk rock and music brought Lotfi, Saul, Digo and Matt together. The two years that followed the band's birth were exclusively dedicated to rehearsing and also getting to know and understand each other on human levels as well as musical.

Having constructed and established the band musically during a couple of years, it was time to become established in a live environment, which was achieved in September 2001. After only 2 shows, Matt made the decision to go to college in Australia and left in December 2001. This departure led to a long time of line up instability and constant changes of bassist for more than 3 years, paralysing the band in playing shows and making concrete plans of recording. 5 bassists got in and out while the band spent half of the time without any bass player.. That's what they call bad luck.

Despite the numerous issues faced over the last few years, we managed to share the stage with bands like No Use For A Name, Bigwig, Strung Out, Lagwagon, Coheed & Cambria, Lagwagon, A Wilhelm Scream, Ten Foot Pole, Satanic Surfers, The Lawrence Arms, Paint It Black, Undeclinable, Belvedere, Digger... in France and abroad and make a name for ourselves playing live.

Throughout the 6 years of the band's existence we've worked on elaborating a fast, technical, agressive but catchy and melodic yet punk rock. The basics of the formula were finally captured and recorded in march 2005 on the 'Emotions and Anger' EP.

Shortly after recording a couple of months later we joined Useless ID (Kung Fu records) on a long 5 week european tour across Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic and the UK, getting for the first time the opportunity to play 30 shows in a row and reach even more people.

After that tour Fab joined the band and has finally brought to Straightaway what we've always been looking for. Sweet back vocals and a big bass sound. The band is definitely set now to establish itself on the international punk rock map and has already inked deals in Japan, Brazil, Australia, South America and more are in the process as we speak. A new version of the EP is coming out there with a new artwork, new mix and mastering and an extra acoustic song.

Growing from our experience as a band we’ll be recording our first full length entitled « Democracy Of Spreading Poverty » in june as a follow-up to our EP. Expect 13 melodic, blistering and powerful tunes of punk rock at its best !